It’s very important to me that my family and friends be able to visit me while I’m at Braemoor. Can you tell me exactly where you’re located?

Braemoor Health Center is located at 34 North Pearl Street, Brockton MA, bordering the cities of Avon, Stoughton, Sharon, Easton, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Holbrook, Randolph, Abington, and Whitman. We are right off Route 24 and directly across from Good Samaritan Medical Center. Your friends and family are welcome to visit at any time!

There are a few nursing homes in my area. Why should I choose yours over another one?

We understand that choosing the right nursing home is a full-time job! Not to mention that there’s often a time crunch in the picture which makes for a lot of stress. That’s why we invite you to take a no-obligation tour of our facility so you can see, firsthand, the Braemoor difference. It’s about customer service, about devoted, respectful care, and about a vibrant, patient-centric atmosphere. Come have a look and tell us what you think. Feedback is always welcome here at Braemoor Health Center. We’ll be happy to send a complimentary car service to pick you up and drop you off for your personalized tour. Just give us a call at 508-586-3696 and we’ll take care of the rest.

In a nutshell, here’s HOW WE HELP

  • We provide quality nursing and rehab
  • We have higher than average staff to patient ratios as certified by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid
  • We invite and encourage families to participate in our care plans
  • We have detailed care plans and careful transition of care—include PCP, reconcile meds, and referrals for homecare.
  • We offer great food, clean rooms, and we answer call lights quickly
  • We feature a team of highly credentialed MD’s, RN’s, and rehabilitative therapists
  • We have loads of rehab and clinical success stories—our patients get discharged and stay out of the hospital
  • We give easy access to talk to admissions or answer inquiries through email or phone
  • We offer rehab 7 days a week.
  • We give great customer service to make our patients and residents feel doted on and cared for.

I’m not real familiar with your facility. How can I know that I’ll enjoy it when I’m there?

Don’t take our word for it; see for yourself what our residents are saying! Most of our referrals come from satisfied former patients who happily recommend us to their friends and family members. We offer superior, compassionate care, great food, and a beautiful, newly renovated facility with a nice outdoor area for enjoying nature or visiting with friends and family. Our Concierge makes sure that every single resident gets special attention and exactly what they need and want, accommodating special requests both large and small. Plus, we offer a car service for family members who lack transportation. We think our recreational program will keep your mind and body healthy, spry, and entertained, too.

Can you tell me what the food is like?

When it comes to food and taste buds, we know it’s tough to please everyone but we certainly continue to try. Our chefs provide a wide variety of foods on the menu and we’re always open to hearing feedback from our residents on what they’d like to see served. Once a month, our chef prepares a special Captain’s Dinner where staff and residents dine together in a truly festive meal experience. Management tastes all new food choices to approve them before they make it to the menu and our discharge surveys actually show tremendous satisfaction with our food services. If you’re dreaming about a childhood favorite or a special ethnic dish, you’re welcome to speak with our Food Service staff and they will do their best to accommodate.

Do you offer private rooms?

We do offer a few private rooms, based on availability. Please call and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

I’m a pulmonary patient and I need to be sure that I’ll have access to a board-certified pulmonologist during my stay. Do you have one on-staff?

Braemoor is excited to introduce our new, cutting-edge pulmonology program, launching in Spring 2016, which will be overseen by board-certified pulmonologists Dr. Sridhar Dasari and Dr. Faisal Hamada. We will also have a full-time respiratory therapist on staff to give maximum care to our residents.

How does Admissions and Discharge work in your facility?

After all the hassle and discomfort of a hospital stay, the last thing you’re looking for is more mounds of paperwork and delays. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined admissions process where you can be settled in in no time at all. Same goes for discharge—we take care of it all. If you’re coming from the hospital for either short-term rehab or long-term care, we receive a referral from the case manager and offer you a bed if we can meet your needs and have availability. We aim to process your referral very quickly and we generally admit you the same day we receive your referral. Your friends or family members are welcome to come for a tour and meet with our staff before your accept our offer for admission.

If you are interested in long-term care and are admitting from the community, you are welcome to contact us at any time and speak to our admissions director at 508.586.3696.

What happens when I’m discharged?

Before you are discharged, we make sure you have everything you need to be ready to go home. This means we create a customized discharge plan with yourself, your family, your medical and therapy team and social services. We set up any equipment you may need at home, such as a cane, walker, etc., and any services you may need, such as visiting nurse, physical therapy at home, Meals on Wheels, etc., to make sure you are safe, comfortable, and cared for when you get back home. At Braemoor, we even offer outpatient rehab services so you can continue working with your same therapists even after you are discharged from the facility. Talk about win-win!

How does housecleaning work in your facility?

Cleanliness is a priority at Braemoor Health Center and you will find our facility to be spotless at all times. Our housekeeping staff comes daily to make sure the rooms are spic and span.

An old buddy of mine went in to a nursing home for “short-term rehab” and never came out. I’m scared silly it’ll happen to me after my hip replacement too!

We understand your concern and it’s one we hear a lot. Without knowing more details about your friend, it’s hard to know for sure why he ended up in long-term care, but in a nutshell, some of the reasons may be: developing more severe health problems related or unrelated to his original diagnosis; a dramatic change in circumstances that would prevent his returning home (ie. His wife or caregiver became ill or they lost the house); or any number of other factors. Whatever the case, we’re confident that you’ll be in good hands at Braemoor Health Center.

What is the advantage of me recovering at a nursing facility rather than in the comfort of my own home?

If your doctor recommends that you go to a nursing home, or a skilled nursing facility (SNF), instead of directly to your home, it’s because he believes you will benefit from the extra nursing care and therapy hours you will receive in a nursing facility. At home, you will get maybe 2-3 hours of therapy a week, whereas at an SNF, especially at a facility such as Braemoor, you will receive up to 6 or 7 hours of rehabilitative therapy, up to 7 days a week. You will also have nurses and aides to make sure you are comfortable and will help you manage any pain. Your home may also have stairs and you may not have all the equipment we have here that will keep you safe, healthy, and recover faster.

Will my PCP be involved in my care at Braemoor?

We encourage your doctor to be involved in your care at Braemoor. While your doctor will not be able to visit you at Braemoor, due to state regulations, our doctors are happy to consult with your PCP or any other specialist involved in your care at your request. We will send a detailed report of your stay with us to your PCP upon your discharge home.

What can I expect from short-term rehab? How quickly will I get home?

We’ve designed our short-term rehab to be just that: short-term. Our goal is to get you back on your feet and back home as quickly as it is safe to do so. Here are some of the ways we do it:

  • Therapies scheduled up to seven days a week for maximum efficacy
  • Highly trained staff of occupational, physical, and speech therapists
  • Progress monitoring and scheduled care plan meetings with you, your medical team, therapists, social worker and family to be sure you’re moving in the right direction—and fast!

In addition to working hard in therapy, we make your stay as pleasant as possible with good food, good care, and plenty of personal attention. We know that a healthy dose of genuine, friendly, we-care-about-you warmth helps with healing as well.

My friend went to rehab at another facility and said that no one checked on her and she was left alone in her room for hours. How can I know this won’t happen to me?

How awful! This kind of scenario is completely inconsistent with the values and conduct at Braemoor. All staff in our facility are trained to respond to a call light as soon as they see it and they make regular rounds of the rooms to be sure everyone is comfortable. It is very important to us that all of our residents feel cared for and attended to at all times.

Do staff members at Braemoor have their own family members staying here?

Yes! Actually, our very own VP of Nursing at Braemoor Health Center has her mom staying at the facility.

Have there been any recent changes at Braemoor that I should know about?

You’ll be glad to hear that a lot has happened that a lot has happened in the past 2 years, including new management, staff upgrades, and an overhaul of many of our systems including food services. In addition, we recently completed a million-dollar renovation project that gave a gorgeous facelift to many key parts of the facility. We think you owe it to yourself to see the new and improved Braemoor Health Center and what we’re like today. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I’m the kind of daughter that gets super involved with my Mom’s care and will want to be very involved. How do family members take part in care planning at your facility?

At Braemoor Health Center, we welcome involved family members to be part of the care plan and to give us valuable feedback about how we’re doing. Feel free to come and visit as often as you wish, although after you see the vibrant, professional environment here you may find yourself relaxing a bit, knowing that your mom is in good hands. We’re sure that with your cooperation and our expertise, your mom will be yet another success story at Braemoor.

The morning after a patient gets admitted to Braemoor, we call the family to let them know how their loved one is doing. You are welcome to call or visit at any time and speak with any of our staff. We also have care planning meetings with the patient and their family along with social services, nurses, and our rehab department throughout their stay. The first of these meetings is generally within 72 hours after admission.

Do you work on maintaining staff long-term and creating a positive work atmosphere?

At Braemoor Health Center we’re proud to have, on staff, team members with upward of 20 years of happily working here, and all for the right reasons. Maintaining long-term staff creates a positive, stable atmosphere and gives residents true continuity of care and we feel blessed by all our staff members, who truly make a difference in countless lives each and every day. We’re proud to pioneer the unique employee appreciation program PROPS (People Respecting Other People) that shows our staff just how much we value their hard work.

I’ve heard about people transferring from hospital to rehab only to bounce right back to the hospital. How do you keep patients out of the hospital?

It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep hospital readmission rates as low as possible, and we do everything we can to keep our patients healthy and happy. We make sure you get the exact medical attention you need, following the direct orders from your referring doctor. In addition, we carefully vet the visiting nursing agencies (VNA’s) we contract with, working only with agencies that provide quality visits and who are in constant communication with your primary care doctor once you are discharged.


We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message or call us at 508.586.3696


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