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I want to take a moment to thank you all for the care that my mother is receiving on the South Unit. There have been many complications related to her recent surgeries, and her overall health status is uncertain at best, but in spite of all of this, the staff keep us informed, watch her closely, and pick up on any changes. She has loving and concerned care givers at Braemoor, who know everything about her. This means a lot to her and to our family.
Her visit today at the cardiologist was positive. He felt she is being well monitored and her cardiac status is surprisingly stable in light of all of her medical problems. The issues with the arm are being managed as well as possible, and the doctors have all been in contact with one another through the EHR for Southcoast. I have given them Dr.D’s contact should they have any questions, as thanks to the medical and nursing care here at Braemoor, she is doing pretty well aside from the surgical issues. She is comfortable, content, and feels well cared for. This has been quite the journey for our family, and it is far from over. Thanks to the care and support here at Braemoor, it makes the difficult times bearable. Please extend my thanks, and the thanks of our family to all of the staff.

March 2016

I am leaving here very pleased with the care that I received while I was here. I have no complaints at all about my time here. I always got everything I needed in a timely manner and the people were always kind to me whenever I asked them for something. The food was pretty good, too. I was kind of surprised at that. Everyone worked very hard with me making sure that I could be ready to get out of here today and I really am thankful for that. I would come back here if I needed to.

February, 2016

I had a few issues while I was here but the staff really did a great job of making sure those issues got resolved. They took really good care of me while I was here. I always felt at home. I was really impressed with the way I could go to anyone with a problem and it would get fixed pretty quickly. I knew who was who and where to go with an issue and I like that that was made pretty clear while I was here. I’m thankful for all the aides that work their tails off to make this place better.

January, 2016

My name is Terrence M. and I was at Braemoor Health Center for a few months. Everyone there was great. They give the residents as much attention as possible. If you have a problem they will work diligently to solve that problem. I would like to point out that the secretary, Sofia, is a joy to have around. She is always happy and laughing and will do anything us residents need her to do. The physical therapy department is just as amazing at Braemoor. They really make you feel that getting better is all that matters. They are very sociable and caring. They make you feel like they are your friend there to help you through just about anything. If I ever need a facility such as Braemoor again I would definitely return to their facility.

January, 2016

My name is Marguerite M. and I was at Braemoor for a little under a month. Everyone at Braemoor is very understanding and kind. The physical therapy department is wonderful. They really do help you get better without arguing with you or pushing you too hard. The activities department has a good schedule of things to do to keep us busy as well. Braemoor makes you feel like you are at a home away from home.

January, 2016

My name is Rose C. and I was at Braemoor Health Center for just under a month. Everyone at Braemoor is kind and caring. The nurses and aides were great with everything. They were extremely accommodating which was a blessing. The physical therapy department really helps you get on your feet. They are truly kind and helpful. They make sure they make conversation and genuinely care about the patient and what comes from the conversation.

January, 2016

I was very happy with my time here. I was fortunate enough to not only be taken care of but also have made a friend here. That made my whole time here so much better and the time go by a lot faster. I was very weak when I first came in and I wasn’t sure that I was really going to be ok again… it’s very scary to come into a new place like this and be weak and not know what’s going to happen but rehab worked so hard with me to make sure I would be strong enough to go home. I am very excited to go home. I would definitely come back here if I needed to but I sure hope I don’t ever need to again.

January, 2016

My name is Marie S. and I was at Braemoor Health Center for around a month. The facility is clean and fresh. The staff members are involved but not overly involved. I really liked to kind of be left alone and they were good about not being in my face a lot when I just wanted to be left alone. I was really frustrated when my pants went missing and no one could find them, but then when they realized they weren’t going to turn up, they immediately replaced them and I was really appreciative of that. It wasn’t about the money or anything, it was more about that my dad had brought them up to me and I didn’t want him to know they were lost. I also was really thankful that I was allowed to use the iPad that belongs to you guys because that helped me be caught up on my schoolwork and not fall behind just because I was in a place like this. Overall, I thought all of you guys were nice and helpful. I was really scared when I first came here but I feel a lot better now and I owe that to you guys.

January, 2016

My name is Mr. John S. and I was at Braemoor Health Center for about two months for a second time. What is there left to say about Braemoor except that most of the employees there are awesome. They really pay attention to what the patients need and try everything in their power to help make it happen. There are plenty of people who will listen if u need to talk. They have this admissions lounge that I used to meet with some visitors. It is nice and private no one can eavesdrop on your conversation. Braemoor is really a great place to be if you need a facility such as this one.

January, 2016

I liked my time here at Braemoor. I spent about a month here and found everyone to be very caring and helpful. The physical therapy team was so helpful and wonderful to me. Everyone should know how great those guys are. I also thought that Charlene in Social services did a good job helping even though she was so busy all the time. I really felt a sense of home here that I didn’t expect to feel.

January, 2016

My name is Kathleen M. and I was at Braemoor for a little over a month. A lot of the staff at Braemoor were really wonderful. I had a problem with my first roommate and the Social Worker, Nurses and Aides were quick to have me switch rooms. My next roommate ended up being a sweetheart and all was well. The physical therapy department was wonderful as well to get me back on my feet.

January, 2016

I had a real good time here. Everyone was just so nice. They are always nice to me here. I like the way the place is looking now. It looks all fancy and everything like a hotel and it’s real nice. All the girls here are real nice to me, too.

January, 2016

My name is Rebecca O. and I was at the Braemoor for a few weeks. Braemoor is a great place to go to get back on your feet. Everyone there is kind and good. The PT department is very gentle and caring to your needs. Braemoor really takes care of their patients.

January, 2016

I actually have no complaints at all about this place. Everyone treated me kindly and respectfully and I always felt like I was taken care of. My wife and I really liked it here. I felt like I always got the stuff I needed when I needed it. Even when I first came in and there was confusion about my oxygen machine, it was taken care of right away and no one ever made me feel like I was a bother to them. That’s the most you can really ask for out of a home like this. I would come back here if I needed to go somewhere again for sure.

December, 2015

I really enjoyed my time here. PT did such a great job making me stronger and getting me back to where I needed to be so I could go home. Everyone here was so nice to me. They took really good care of me and encouraged me the whole way. I am so happy to be stronger and to be able to do things on my own again. I’m really thankful for my time here and I would definitely come back here if I had to go somewhere again. Thank you for everything.

December, 2015

When my cousin told me she was going to have to go to a rehab place and was considering Braemoor, I did not have enough wonderful things to say. I told her, ‘go there before you go anywhere else. They’re amazing’. I told her how good everyone here was to me while I was here and I didn’t even know you guys had finished the renovation when I was telling her this stuff. It looks so amazing in here. I’m so glad my cousin decided to come here so she can get the best care. That’s what you guys gave to me when I was here and I will never forget it. I never thought I would be strong again but look at me now! I can get around by myself and you guys are the ones that gave me my life back. I cannot thank you enough!

December, 2015

I was happy to come back here. When you get a terminal diagnosis, it’s a really scary thing. People are constantly telling you what you should be doing and how things should be and that they are sorry. I just want to be strong enough to enjoy the time I have left. When they mentioned to me that I would need to go to a rehab place, I knew I had to come back here. I can’t say enough great things about this place. Each time I come back is better than the last time. My wife likes when I am here, too. She likes the way you people take care of things here and so do I. If I need to come back to a place like this again, I will definitely come back here. I’ll always come back here.

December, 2015

You guys have done such a great job with my mother. She means the world to my husband and I and we were so worried about making sure she was taken care of after she started falling. She came in short term and when we were spoken to about the possibility of her changing to long term, we knew that this was the place for her. We love the way the staff is with her. Everyone is always so great to her. They talk to her with the love and respect that she deserves and I could not ask for better care than that. I know we made the right choice by putting her here.

December, 2015

You guys were great with Jenny. I was so worried when they told me she had to go for rehab. All of this had been so hard to accept to begin with and then it was like one more thing on top of that. It seemed like, though, that no matter what happened with her you guys were always there to make sure she was safe and taken care of. That meant the world to me. She had a really hard time with things and you guys always helped her as much as possible. I will forever be grateful for the way you guys took care of my wife. If we ever need to again, this will be the place we come back to.

December, 2015 

I had a pretty nice time here. The girls were real good to me when I needed stuff. I like that I was left as the only person in the room and they didn’t give me a roommate. That made it a lot better because I didn’t want anyone in there with me. The girls downstairs worked their tails off with me, though. They pushed me real hard to make sure I would be ok when I left this place. I like the way things are going here, and the way things are run. I would definitely come back here to get cared for again. I thought you guys were great. Thanks for everything.

December, 2015

I really liked the place here. It looks really good and has a good feel to it. The staff is also pretty nice here. I spent a lot of time with Charlene and she was always very nice to me and did everything she could to help me. I liked having a private room. I like my privacy a lot and it was nice to have that here. I also really liked PT. Those girls were good to me and they worked hard to get me up on my feet and moving and back to good again. I would absolutely come back here. The place was good.

December, 2015

I always come back here. Always, always, always. You guys really take great care of me. I knew that every time I left I had Braemoor to fall back on if things got too bad. I always trusted you guys with me. Your PT was amazing at getting me back to as strong as I can be. The aides and the nurses are always exceptional to me. I am really going to miss this place. I had to change my insurance and you guys don’t take my new insurance so I won’t get to come back. That seriously makes me sad. I loved it here. I loved watching this place transform with the renovation and the atmosphere of the building change. I promise if I could come back, I would. Thank you all so much for always taking care of me.

December, 2015

I was just as impressed with my stay here this time as I was last time. You guys always make me feel like I am here for a reason and you never make me feel like I have to stay longer than needed. It’s hard to go to a place like this and leave home behind, especially when you live so close and you know that if you were stronger you could get up and walk there but you guys all work so hard to make everyone feel welcomed here and like this is their home for a little while. Everything that is going on with me medically is very scary buy I know that if I get weak again I can always come back here and you guys will build me up again. I’m really thankful to all the staff there and everything they have done for me.

December, 2015

I had a nice time here. Everyone was great to me. They came when I called and always got me what I needed. Activities tried to get me involved in a few things, but they weren’t really for my age group. Thank God for the TV and books. The bed was pretty comfortable and the place was clean every time I showered. I was glad that they saw where I was in my physical ability and let me still be independent. If I absolutely had to go somewhere like this again, this would be the place and I would be happy to tell anyone that.

December, 2015

I love the way you people take care of my husband. All the nurses are nice and the other people are nice and everyone here is so nice. You’re so good to my husband. All of you guys take really special care of him. As a wife that is so relieving to be able to relax at home and know he is totally taken care of. You guys were so good getting all the insurance sorted out and making sure he was in the best hands he could be in. I really appreciate what you people do for him every day. Thank you so much.

December, 2015

I love this place! Everybody is so nice to me. They treat me kindly and respectfully. I am happier down here in this room than I was upstairs. Everybody is always just so nice. The nurses are great. The girls always help me when I ask for it. I couldn’t ask for much more.  But you know what I always say (and she does always say this): So far, so good, but always room for improvement.

November, 2015

I felt that I was treated with dignity and respect while I was here. The people were good to me for the most part. I think the rooms look really nice… a lot nicer than most places like this.

November, 2015

Braemoor is one of the best places I have ever been. They know how to take care of me, they anticipate my needs and they treat me like family. I could not have chosen a better place to be my home away from home. From the CNAs all the way up to the administrator, it is so nice to know that everyone here is willing to listen when I have a concern and find a resolution for me. I have been here three separate times and, no matter what, I still always come back to my Braemoor family.

November, 2015

I’m pretty happy here. I’ve gotten really good help in PT. Those girls are so good to everyone. I see everyone al go out of their way for everyone here. They always give 100%. They are a lot more caring than most people you meet in places like this. The care is overall great. I am constantly impressed with PT, though. They really do always go the extra mile for you. I would honestly recommend you guys to anyone, especially for the physical therapy.

November, 2015

Everyone was really great and attentive to me here. Even though I didn’t think I needed PT when I first got here, the girls downstairs showed me that there were areas that I needed to get stronger with that I didn’t even know. They never treated like an old person. They always treated me with dignity and respect and I really appreciated that. I appreciate Cameron for always checking on me and getting me ginger ale from the vending machine when I wanted it. I know it sounds like a little thing, but it meant a lot to me. I would definitely come back here. I don’t even really want to leave but I know I have to get back to my job and everything. But overall, you guys were all pretty good to me and I’m thankful for that.

November, 2015

When I first came here to Braemoor, I was a little scared. I came into this facility without my leg. My left leg had been amputated. I didn’t know what to expect. When I got here, the hospitality and how they treat me with respect and dignity was a good welcome to someone who had just gone through such a traumatic experience. It has been a great experience for me to be here. When I leave, I will be walking out of here with no assistance on two legs. It takes every department here to get me better and to make this all work I appreciate all of them and I am looking forward to walking out of here a better man. I have had a few issues here, but it doesn’t blemish how I feel about Braemoor over all. I’m thankful for the respect that I have been treated with. I do everything I can to pay it forward and treat the staff and other residents with the same great respect that I am treated with. It’s how I show my appreciation for everything that has been done for me. I am eternally grateful for how everyone has helped me get my life back on track.

November, 2015

All of the staff – each and every one of you – were so incredible to me. I was so happy to be here. Everyone was just so good to me. I only have to hurry home because I need to get to my little pup. I miss him so much. The robe Cameron gave me was really something. That was nice. I can’t wait to wear that at home. I could not have asked for better treatment. I really loved being here. If I ever absolutely had to go back somewhere, it would definitely be here.

November, 2015

I was really pretty happy with the whole place. My only issues were with the kitchen but it really impressed me that the Chef came up to me and accepted responsibility for what happened and fixed the problem. That’s how you run a business and I really like the way you guys run this place. Anytime I need to go to a facility again, I will come right back here because you guys really have it together. Everyone I interacted with was so kind and respectful. I hope you guys all know what a great place you have here and every problem I had was immediately resolved.

November, 2015

I like it here. I’m a really quiet person and I like keeping to myself. I love when people bring me orange soda. It’s one of my favorite drinks. I don’t really have much to say besides that. Like I said, I like to keep quiet and watch people.

November, 2015

A couple months ago I was being released from Brockton Hospital to go to a rehab facility. I told my wife the only way I would do that was if I could come to Braemoor. The beds were comfortable and the staff was good to me and the Therapy here is expecptional. I had been admitted to another facility prior to Braemoor and felt the staff was subpar to Braemoor. The staff really pushes you to do your rehab here. The place looks beautiful since the renovation and I would recommend it to anyone.

November, 2015

I love this place. I love the nursing staff because they consider my needs in every aspect of my care. I love the concierge program, too. It makes me feel awesome knowing someone is always there to help me get things done. I love having a management team that is always there for me when I need them. The kitchen staff is always willing to be flexible with my likes and dislikes. Activities here are wonderful, too. This place feels like home… like more of a home to me than the one I grew up in. I also love eating in the dining room. It’s like eating at a restaurant inside my home. I came in as a short term resident but I can’t wait to become long term and make this place my permanent home.

November, 2015

I wanted to tell you that there was not one bad nurse or aide at all hours of the day and night. Barbara and Delores did such a good job with me on the 11-7 shift. They always took care of me no matter what time I called.

As far as the people here, you can really tell that everyone cares. Paula brought me in coffee after I told her that I didn’t particularly care for the coffee here and I thought that was a really sweet thing to do. I also told her about how a couple branches swished over me on my way in and I was then told that Paula herself went outside and cut them away.

I was very fortunate to be somewhere that never made me feel like a burden or like I was putting them out whenever I asked for help. It really helped me feel better faster. I will absolutely come back here as soon as I have my hip surgery.

September, 2015

I was very happy with my stay here. I honestly don’t remember too much about my last stay here. I was very out of it due to my medical conditions. However, I did notice a great improvement in many things from my last stay here. The food is much better. The unit looks really great. It feels new, and I liked that. Everyone was really good tome and they took good care of me. The girls in rehab were great to me and I appreciated everything that [Cameron] did for me. I would definitely come back here if I needed to, but I sure hope I don’t have to again.

September, 2015


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